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I’m an undergraduate engineering student at Cambridge University. (More on that below.) In my free time, I like pina coladas and dancing in the rain programming, electronics, and being a Linux sysadmin.

This site

I kept telling myself I’d make a website, and so I did. For now, it’s just a single page, but that suffices.

Then, I told myself I’d make the website actually look good and have useful stuff on it. About two years later, this is still nowhere close to completion.

Contact details

If you already have an address/number/username for me, then just use that.

Otherwise, you can reach me by email at .

My ‘day job’…

I’m currently an undergraduate student in the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge. I study the Engineering Tripos, which is really neat because you need only choose a focus or specialisation after two years of broad & general study (i.e. when you have an actual sense of what each engineering area is all about).

Currently I’m starting my third year of the course. I’ve chosen a mix of Information Engineering and Electronic Engineering as the basis for the remainder of my degree.

…but by night:



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