Edwin Balani
Engineering student, software developer


I’m an engineering student at Cambridge University, currently (2019/20) in my fourth and final year and set to graduate with a Master’s in Engineering. In my free time, I like programming, electronics, and looking after Linux systems.

I kept telling myself I’d make a website, and so I did. For now, it’s just a single page, but that seems to be enough.


If you already have an address/number/username for me, then just use that.

Otherwise, you can reach me by email at .


I’m an undergraduate master’s student in the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge.

Final year modules

(CUED module codes in parentheses)

Master’s project

Title: Data-driven inference of software developer practices and techniques

Supervised by Per Ola Kristensson

I am applying machine learning techniques, particularly recurrent neural networks, over keystroke and mouse-movement recordings of successful attempts at a handful of controlled JavaScript coding tasks, which were made and collected in a specialised online editor as part of a crowdsourced study using Amazon Mechanical Turk.

My goal is for a computer to be able to reach meaningful conclusions of what the programmer is doing at any moment in time (for example: reading the rubric, writing code, writing a comment, or prettifying their code), and to see if there are any ‘hidden’ predictors of overall performance.

When not studying




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